Altona Meadows man rescued from bathroom of burning unit

MFB firefighters rescued a man from his burning unit after it caught alight just after 2am on Saturday morning.

When initial crews arrived to Hosie Street in Altona Meadows, they found flames had extended to the tiled roof of the single story brick unit. 

Wearing breathing apparatus, firefighters entered the burning home. A 60-year-old man was found conscious in the bathroom; he had been trapped by the fire an unable to get out.

Firefighters pulled the man to safety through the back door and provided first aid until paramedics arrived on scene.

The man suffered burns to his face and smoke inhalation. He was taken to hospital in the care of Ambulance Victoria Paramedics.

Two residents safely evacuated from the unit next-door, which was being threatened by the fire.

Approximately 26 firefighters worked hard to bring the fire under control in just 30 minutes, and contained fire damage to the property of origin.

The two neighbouring residents have sought alternative accommodation due to smoke damage in their unit.

Crews remained on scene into the morning to monitor and continue fire duties.

At this stage, the cause is unknown and specialist MFB Fire Investigators will attend for further analysis on Saturday morning.

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